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Mar 5, 2014

Not until the end of August of this I agree . Mold off rather go there does not develop , and for sure it will be less than the outlet nieserwisowanej air conditioning in the office. Bacteria will probably be and everywhere, and the largest number they have on the phone , or kompa keyboard or remote control. I have a patent made ​​in the ordinary sewer pipes 200mm and 2x160mm . Strange smell is valid only at the beginning of run supply , and after 1 - 2dniach disappears . Supply run as no one in the house, but also as members of the household are . It works in the children's rooms , and I have not noticed any diseases in this respect. Supply as much as possible is needed in the attic , thereby reducing the temperature in the heat. In my room in the attic of the South after several days of 35 gradually heat the temp went down to 30st C. After starting the supply stabilized in August at 26 º C. I only mayflies insulated , so the attic is 60st . under the sheet metal. I think that after warming slope temp . Room should fall to 24st.C. The temperature of the outstanding air in the sun hovered around 40 degrees Celsius (34 degrees Celsius in the shade ) , and at the outlet of the heat exchanger at the beginning of the soil had 16.5, and after a few hours 18.5 celsius degree . 200mm length of pipe about 15m, and distributed parallel 160- fives in May about 18mb . I have a perfect area for this purpose , because the wetland . Pipes are connected to two wells with the possibility of condensation water drain and possibly access , revision or cleaning. That's the strange smell it ! What's the " smell " is no one knows , and knows how to do research . ON 100 % will be in the mushrooms and what is still worse , and possibly do not know . Allergy can (!) To be a disaster. I would not have risked . And it's not about the smell , but about long-term (many years ) is difficult to assess the threat . The only solution was to HEPA filters , but they have a lot of flow resistance which is associated with more efficient fan and ... current consumption. Other types of GWC does not have this problem . In a typical ground with boulders the whole " menagerie " dying of hunger ( yes! ) not long after the inlet . When glycolic ever separate ourselves from the "land " wall PE pipe . The only place nesting microbes are lamellar cooler , but the same we have the air conditioner and it is easy to wash / disinfect because it is buried in the ground .

Posted at 01:47 am by klimatyzacja
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Should be considered. However, the amount of cooling can be larger than the ! Where did you fit ? And they must be placed next to each other and not one after the other pumps also must be a " piece " to pull the cold and sticky glycol through pipes in the ground and coolers . The pump on the crank is not, so current and costs.ok But simply dig because the narrow grooves as the drainage. He was going to build in GWC at home , because it is the best solution , but I had such specialists from the foundations that came out of the g ... : cry: I read a lot but Murator forum . There are ( again, as soot ) great articles one guest of ventilation and GWC . After much thought and reading many reviews , I think the best is the greatest GWC with boulders. It has three disadvantages: 1 It takes a lot of space. 2 It requires digging a large hole in the ground - earth - costs . 3 To be sure , the pebbles are well washed and clean , you must wash your own hands ! This is one of the most important things ! And they are usually 3-5 m3 ! Pipes advise against . They must be buried with the rules , so their clearing is almost impossible. Because they are impervious to water , so it will become in them because it is difficult to get rid of it . After the pipe has to be a "piece " and must be " dented ", multiplied - several tubes in parallel. Read it to find out. While some of May and a praise . But I do not want to breathe the air of the old pipe. After GWC is not done for a year or two. Everything has its ' rumps and jacks " . You must always consider the individual case ! In contrast, the use GWC without recuperator I consider stopping halfway . Unfinished work . With the rest of the GWC only recuperator is illuminated , it might work the whole winter without power heating and the installation without power cooling in the summer. Fans ( aisle / extract) or a small control unit , and so have you so I do not understand the aversion to the recuperator . The about 1.5 -2k zł is not a big amount at a decent (!) GWC .

Posted at 01:44 am by klimatyzacja
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